Electronic, Optical & Magnetic Materials

Materials have many unique inherent properties particularly electrical, optical, magnetic property etc. Novel electronic and photonic nanomaterials promise vivid breakthroughs in computing devices, communications, and solid-state lighting. The present analysis comprises bulk crystal growth, skinny film, organic semiconductors, and nanostructural growth, and soft lithography. Proper analysis of materials together allows us to synthesize superior quality materials by coalescing two or materials and producing a fabric superior to their parent materials. The unconventional optical materials are used in microscopy, imaging, spectral analysis, optical laser physics, optical wires, X-rays and telecommunications etc. Magnetic materials are used in superconductors, audio recording systems, information recording, generators, motors, transformers, compasses etc. Multiferrous materials are a special form of magnetic materials that show multiple characteristics like a magnetic force, Ferro elasticity, and Ferroelectricity.