Biomaterials are a non-viable material made of multiple components used to interact with biological systems. It is used frequently in medical applications to enhance, replace, regenerate or repair any body part or function. These materials can be natural or synthetic, alive or lifeless, solid or liquid but are unable to develop or grow. Few of the biomaterials are Metals, glass, polymers, ceramics, materials derived from animals. Artificial knee is made up of silicon and titanium. Intraocular lens are produced from acrylic and silicone. Sterlized bovine bone is used in orthopaedic surgery as a natural biomaterial. A biomaterial is said to be best when it is biocompatible and work synergistically with the biological host. Currently biomaterials are used in medical practice as Medical implants, regenerated human tissues, Molecular probes, biosensors, drug delivery systems. The future of biomaterials research is involved in the development of Immunomodulating biomaterials, Injectable biomaterials, Supramolecular biomaterials.